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Geeky Altoids Tin Projects – Pinterest

We love upcycling Altoids tins. The classic tin has inspired many a DIY, and while looking online for more creative Altoids projects we stumbled upon this project from ReadyMade’s archives.

22 Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin | The Art of Manliness

Turning an Altoids tin into a survival kit is hands down the most popular Altoids project of them all. There are tons of variations out there, with each assembler arguing the …

DIY Altoids Tin Projects –

DIY Altoids Tin Projects. By Pfarmkid in Home Life-hacks. 51,849. 126. Suggested Projects. A Curiously Strong Guide to Altoids If you know of any really good Altoids ibles please leave a comment or PM me Ratings appreciated Altoids Tin Mini Garden. by mischka in Gardening. An Altoids Speaker.

Altoids Tin Projects {Crazy genius things you can do with

Decoupage the Altoid tin. Found it here >> Mod Podge Rocks. Personalize your tin with a little …

Instructables’ Best DIY Altoids Tin Projects – Lifehacker

Instructables, the much-linked site that’s inspired many a search for the toolbox, rounds up all the projects from its best-of book that involve some kind of Altoids container. It’s a clever

What to Do with a Used Altoids Tin – the Easiest Idea

Altoids Tin Crafts You can reuse an Altoids tin for just about anything: a pillbox, hairpin holder, craft supplies. Larger ones can be reused as a mini sewing kit, or …

5 Coolest Altoids Tin Crafts – Ways To Use Empty Altoids Tins

These Altoids Tin Crafts Are The Coolest Thing On Pinterest Since Mason Jars. Not to mention, they’ll keep the kiddies busy for hours on end. By Kayla Keegan. Feb 2, 2016 Courtesy of Doodle Craft

What Can you Make out of an Altoids Tin? – The Crafty Blog

Don’t throw away that empty Altoids tin, upcycle the tin into something fantastic with these simple DIY craft tutorial ideas. a tutorial based blog that covers crafts, …

4 Ways to Reuse an Empty Altoids Tin – wikiHow

Jan 22, 2019 · How to Reuse an Empty Altoids Tin. Altoids candy comes in a variety of small, sturdy metal tins that invite creative reuse. If you have one (or a giant stack) left over, try one of these projects to put it to good use. Remove and discard


Need Altoids Tin Projects? Make a Tic-tac-toe Travel Game!

I have been looking for other Altoids tin projects and I came up with a simple Tic-tac-toe travel game that takes only a few minutes to make. I am including a photo below that you are welcome to print out and reuse as part of your own Tic-tac-toe travel game. altoids tin

Tin Boxes – Silver – Hinged Rectangular Storage Boxes – Great for Crafts, Gifts, Candles, Soap, and Other Uses – 3.75 by 2.45 by 0.8 inches (Same Size As an Empty Altoids Tin…

Altoids and tin cases – Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for

Dozens of projects in every issue covering Robots, Drones, 3D printing, craft and more; Tips and skill-building tutorials with inspiration from the leaders of the maker community

383 Best Crafts-Altoids Tin Ideas images | Altoids tins

Crafts-Altoids Tin Ideas What others are saying “The Curiously Strong Trebuchet is a miniature trebuchet designed in a way such that it can be disassembled and stored in an Altoids tin.”

12 Refreshing Altoids Tin Projects to 3D Print | All3DP

With these excellent Altoids tin projects, you can upcycle the metal case after you’ve finished chewing over the curiously strong mints. The Altoids tin is more than just an iconic receptacle for strong mints, it’s also an astonishingly versatile little beast.

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