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The term “Amber” refers to two things. First, it is a set of molecular mechanical force fields for the simulation of biomolecules (these force fields are in the public domain, and are used in a …


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AMBER force field parameters. AMBER format PARM file and coordinate file can be read by NAMD, which allows one to use AMBER force field to carry out all types of simulations that NAMD has supported. NAMD can read PARM files in either the format used in AMBER 6 or the new format defined in AMBER 7.

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Standard AMBER Forcefield Functional Form The coordinates and functional form of the energy terms used by AMBER are given in Eq. 3-11.. Eq. 3-11: The first three terms in Eq. 3-11 handle the internal coordinates of bonds, angles, and dihedrals. Term 3 is also used to maintain the correct chirality and tetrahedral nature of sp 3 centers in the united-atom representation.



•AMBER is an acronym for Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement. •It is a family of force fields for molecular dynamics of biomolecules originally

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AMBER Force Fields – background about the AMBER force fields AMBER Programs – information about the AMBER suite of programs for molecular simulation ANTECHAMBER/GAFF – Generalized Amber Force Field (GAFF) which is supposed to provide parameters suitable for small molecules that are compatible with the AMBER protein/nucleic acid force fields.

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The AMBER Force Field 1 and associated molecular dynamics modeling programs were chosen for their accuracy and efficiency, yet in order to use AMBER, the Force Field parameters for the silicon-oxygen backbone must be derived.

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Nov 15, 2006 · The ff94 force field that is commonly associated with the AMBER simulation package is one of the most widely used parameter sets for biomolecular simulation. After a decade of extensive use and testing, limitations in this force field, such as over stabilization of α-helices, were reported by us

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AMBER Force Field Parameters for the Naturally Occurring Modified Nucleosides in RNA Raviprasad Aduri, Brian T. Psciuk, Pirro Saro, Hariprakash Taniga, H. Bernhard Schlegel, and John SantaLucia, Jr.* Department of Chemistry, Wayne State UniVersity, Detroit, Michigan 48202 Received November 7, 2006

Published in: Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation · 2007Authors: Raviprasad Aduri · Brian T Psciuk · Pirro Saro · Hariprakash Taniga · H Bernhard Schl…Affiliation: Wayne State UniversityAbout: Text mining · Bioinformatics

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Apr 17, 2012 · Force field comparison: Amber, GROMOS, CHARMM, OPLS: Comparison of secondary structure formation using different force fields in microsecond molecular dynamics simulations. All simulations were

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The AMBER-94 and AMBER-99 force fields were ported and validated first. Force field files for the variants of AMBER-94 and AMBER-99 were then generated after validation by making the minor modifications required (i.e. peptide f/y and 1-4 vdW scaling).

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Generalized Amber Force Field (gaff)¶ The AMBER force field (or more accurately, family of force fields used with the AMBER software are designed mainly for biomolecules (i.e., proteins, DNA, RNA, carbohydrates, etc.).

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Access to classical force fields in formats compatible with GROMACS, GROMOS and LAMMPS simulation packages and CNS, Phenix, CCP4 and Refmac5 X-ray refinement packages. A GROMOS to AMBER topology file converter. Optimised geometries for molecules within the repository.

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