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Welcome to Atlas Missile . This web site is dedicated to the Atlas series of missile sites which were constructed in the early 1960’s and put into service by the United States Air Force and the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War. The sites remained active until the Spring of 1965.

Atlas Missile Silo . Photo Gallery. This page is where we have categorized and displayed …

Abandoned Atlas F Missile Silo for Sale in Upstate New York

Abandoned Atlas F Missile Silo for Sale in Upstate New York. Above ground, the historic property also includes a 4,000-square-foot storage facility that could be used as a garage or shed. The decommissioned missile silo is represented by listing agent Brian Dominic. for more information.

SM-65 Atlas – Wikipedia

SM-65 Atlas. A major development and test contract was awarded to Convair on 14 January 1955 for a 10-foot (3 m) diameter missile to weigh about 250,000 lb (113,400 kg). Atlas development was tightly controlled by the Air Force’s Western Development Division, WDD, later …

Function: Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)

Atlas Missile Silo Home – Saranac, New York – Atlas Obscura

Secluded amid upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains lies this subterranean emblem of a nation on the brink of nuclear war. And it’s for sale. The control center of an Atlas nuclear missile silo, this was where defense workers awaited orders to initiate an intercontinental ballistic missile strike. Now decommissioned, it has been repurposed into a dwelling for buyers who value maximum security and …

Gallery – Atlas F Missile Silo For Sale

The concrete top of the Atlas F Missile Silo. The vegetation in the middle marks where the hinges of the silo door are. View of the west vent and the north vent on the edge of the missile silo concrete pad top. The vegetation in the middle marks the hinges for the missile silo doors.

SILOHOME – Official Site

Surface Home and access to LCC and Silo Atlas-F series missile bases have a LCC (Launch Control Center) which has 2300 sf finished space that can consist of a full kitchen, and open living on LCC floor 1, Floor two can have two master bedroomsuites with luxurious …

Atlas Missile Silo Coordinates – The Military Standard

Atlas Missile Silo Coordinates. New Mexico. Site ID: Type: Nearest Town: AF Base: Lat Long: 579-1: Atlas F: Roswell: Walker: Lat: 33°35’49.84″N Long: 104°20’23.73″W Silo Coordinates; Exterior Silo Tour; Interior Silo Tour; Atlas at Altus AFB; Atlas at Dyess AFB; Atlas at Fairchild AFB; Atlas at F.E. Warren AFB; Atlas at Forbes AFB;

Survival Condo – Official Site

Atlas Missile Silo turned into Luxury Survival Condos. Survival Bunker Security / Full Luxury Resort Living. We are now taking contracts on our second Survival Condo Facilities.

Missile launch facility – Wikipedia

Atlas missiles. The fourth version were stored vertically in underground silos, for the Atlas F ICBM. They were fueled in the silo, and then since they could not be launched from within the silo, were raised to the surface to launch. The Titan I missile used a similar silo basing of the fourth version.

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Missile bases, communication bunkers and underground

20th Century Castles, LLC – National leader in the acquisition and sales of missile bases, communication bunkers and other underground properties. 20th Century Castles, LLC – National leader in the acquisition and sales of missile bases, communication bunkers and other underground properties.

Atlas Sites – The New York State Military Museum

The first Atlas F missile system was built in 1960, after a short operational period, was decommissioned in 1965. These sites were the first of the “super hardened”; missile silos, built to withstand a 200 pound per square inch blast. There is one reported in Saranac Lake area not listed in official records.

Atlas-F for sale Southwest USA –

missile bases for sale in Southwest USA, 15,000 sf home underground. Missile silo for sale ultimate survival shelter 2012 shelter fallout military atlas-f missile bases for sale, Silohome. 1-800-932-9091 x …

Diving Deep in the Heart of Texas – Valhalla Nuclear

The view from the blast doors to the surface of the water. Standing on the Silo Doors. Valhalla is a decommissioned Atlas-F hardened nuclear missile silo located near Abilene, Texas. It is actually part of a complex of 12 silos located around Texas and formerly run by Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene.

Missile Bases, Communication Bunkers, & Underground Properties

The missile silo is a huge structure with a 52′ inside diameter and is approximately 180′ deep. The silo has three blast doors leading from the LCC. To launch the missile, two overhead 90-ton doors would be opened hydraulically.

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