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Blek Le Rat (born Xavier Prou) has been painting on walls longer than most reading this article have been alive. He’s influenced generations of graffiti writers, street/urban artists, and vandals all around the world. He studied fine art and architecture at Beaux-Arts in Paris, but the the

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Pioneering French graffiti artist Blek Le Rat counts the infamous Banksy among his many admirers. Using stencils instead of stylized lettering for graffiti, Blek was one of the first true street artists.

Nationality: French

Blek Le Rat – Biography of a Street Artist | Stencil

The Influence of Blek le Rat. Street Stencils, Rats and Walls. One of the godfathers of the European street art movement, Blek le Rat inspired hundreds of artists around the world with his stenciled style.

Blek le Rat – Pioneer of Street Art | Widewalls

Blek le Rat – Pioneer of Street Art Father of stencil graffiti in the history of street art in France , Blek le Rat (Xavier Prou) is a French graffiti artist from Paris, who has inspired generations of graffiti artists throughout the world.

Blek Le Rat Art – Artist Prints Canvases for sale

He described the rat as “the only free animal in the city”, and one which “spreads the plague everywhere, just like street art”. His name originates from the comic book Blek le Roc, using “rat” as an anagram for “art”.

Blek Le Rat, ‘Father of the Street Stencil,’ Thinking of L

Blek Le Rat, ‘Father of the Street Stencil,’ Thinking of L.A. Ed Fuentes He lived in downtown Los Angeles for 13 years before moving to Las Vegas, where he covers regional art, including murals and street art, at

The Birth of Paris Street Art: Before Banksy, There Was

One of the most influential pioneers of street art, Blek le Rat mastered and originated the art of the stencil graffiti long before anyone else did, and has gone on to influence well-known contemporary artists such as Space Invader, Shepard Fairey, and even Banksy himself.

Subliminal Projects – Blek le Rat –

Subliminal Projects by Blek le Rat. Street art. graffiti, figurative. Subliminal Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, US

Artist: Blek Le Rat

Blek Le Rat Tours Texas and Tennessee | street art united

Blek Le Rat In Austin Blek Le Rat In Houston Blek Le Rat In Nashville. The tour ultimately left Blek even more inspired to continue exploring America’s rich secondary cities. “I love painting in the bigger cities, but in places like NY and LA there is a lot of street art.

Blek Le Rat Tours the US South | Brooklyn Street Art

Look out for Le Rat! He’s getting up in places down south that you wouldn’t normally associate with a French Street Artist, much less the one who started stenciling in a style and manner unusual on Paris walls in ’81 – an antecedent for much of what we later would call ‘Street Art”. Blek

Blek le Rat | Dubai Walls | Street Art Middle East

Blek le Rat, the pioneer of urban art in Europe joined the street art inspired movement #DubaiWalls. The Pioneer of urban art in Europe, Blek le Rat was the first to use stencils for creating public art on the street, using icons instead of writing his name.

Street Art: Blek Le Rat VS. Banksy

Obra de Blek Le Rat Su “arte de guerrilla” lo ha llevado a convertirse en uno de los artistas más famosos del mundo, por lo que tiene una fortuna y decenas de admiradores. Pero ahora Banksy ha sido acusado por un artista de graffiti parisino de robar su estilo.

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