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The Reviews Are in! ‘Climate Hustle’ is ‘the most

Review: ‘Climate Hustle is the most dangerous documentary of the year’ – ‘Brutally effective’ – ‘It’s hard not to laugh’ – Christian Toto of Hollywood In Toto: ‘Climate Hustle…

Climate Hustle – National Review

Climate Hustle unveils seven “hustles” perpetrated by climate con artists. These include the sleight of hand (patching together data sets into misleading temperature records) and the “ol Customer reviews: Climate Hustle

This “Climate Hustle” DVD presentation contains an impressive variety of many, many experts, giving their comments to back up each of the themes. This flows point by point, through each segment elaborating on the theme of how the public has been “hustled” (mislead) on the climate topic. An excellent way to tell the story.


Climate Hustle (2016) – Rotten Tomatoes

Fathom Events, SpectiCast, CFACT and CDR invite you to experience Climate Hustle when it comes to select cinemas nationwide for a thought provoking one-night event on Monday, May 2.

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Climate Hustle (2017) – Climate Hustle (2017) – User

User Reviews Review this title 16 Reviews. Hide Spoilers. Sort by: Filter by Rating: 1 /10. Non-scientific propaganda mlandes-152 I saw Climate Hustle today and went in as someone without a specific opinion on the topic. I am not a scientist nor is anyone I know. To date, any info I have about climate change came from the electronic box in

Climate Hustle: The Face Of Climate Denial Looks Cheap

Climate Hustle is the climate film “they” don’t want you to see. But you don’t want to either, because it’s terrible.

Five stars! Reviews pouring in for “Climate Hustle” – CFACT

Climate Hustle is the film you’ve been waiting for. It exposes the tricks of the global warming propaganda campaign and goes a long way toward leveling the playing field. Now it’s time for people power.

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