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David Hockney was born on 9th July 1937 in Bradford, England. He went to school at Bradford Grammar School and then attended Bradford College and the Royal College of Art in London. His father, Kenneth Hockney, was a conscientious objector during World War 1 .

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He showed an early interest in art. Born on 9 July 1937, David Hockney was the fourth of five …

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Facts about David Hockney 9: joiners. Hockney started to create photo collages in the beginning of 1980s. He called them the joiners. Facts about David Hockney 10: Quantel Paintbox. Quantel Paintbox was a computer program that he used to create a sketch on the screen in December 1985.

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He sold his first painting for £10. With Hockney’s work being worth millions today, it is a little …

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David Hockney, (born July 9, 1937, Bradford, Yorkshire, England), English painter, draftsman, printmaker, photographer, and stage designer whose works were characterized by economy of technique, a preoccupation with light, and a frank mundane realism derived from Pop art and photography.

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David Hockney Facts David Hockney Quotes In addition to his photographs and individual art shows, versatile artist David Hockney (born 1937) has also produced work as a painter, graphic artist, stage designer, and writer.

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