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Distributed Video Coding (DVC): Challenges in

Distributed Video Coding (DVC) is a new coding paradigm for video compression for the said emerging applications. It has been widely accepted and many researchers have been actively working on DVC, though there are still many gaps in terms of implementation and practical usage as of now.

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Distributed Video Coding (DVC) is a new paradigm in video coding. For many applications with processing and power limitations such as video compression on mobile devices, multi-sensor systems, etc., there is a requirement to minimize complexity and power usage at the transmitter side.

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Distributed Video Coding BERND GIROD, FELLOW, IEEE, ANNE MARGOT AARON, SHANTANU RANE, STUDENT MEMBER, IEEE, AND DAVID REBOLLO-MONEDERO Invited Paper Distributed coding is a new paradigm for video compression, based …

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Distributed video coding (DVC) is a video coding paradigm allowing low complexity encoding for emerging applications such as wireless video surveillance. Side …


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B. Girod: EE398B: Image Communication II Distributed Video Coding 7 Towards Practical Slepian-Wolf Coding • Convolution coding for data compression [Blizard, 1969] • Convolutional source coding [Hellman, 1975] • Syndrome source coding [Ancheta, 1976] • Coset codes [Pradhan and Ramchandran, 1999] • Trellis codes [Wang and Orchard, 2001]

Published in: Proceedings of the IEEE · 2005Authors: Bernd Girod · Anne Aaron · Shantanu Rane · David RebollomonederoAffiliation: Stanford UniversityAbout: Data compression · Motion compensation · Signal compression · Fault tolerance · De…

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Distributed image and video coding based on compressed sensing : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy rectly related to the proposals discussed in this thesis, which are fullyreportedinAppendixC: Journals 1.


Distributed Video Coding Using LDPC Codes for Wireless Video

Keywords: Syndrome Coding, Cosets, Distributed Source Coding, Distributed Video Coding (DVC). 1. Introduction . With the proliferation of various complex video applica-tions it is necessary to have advanced video and image compression techniques. Popular video standards like ISO MPEG and ITU-H.26x have been successful in accom-

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Distributed video coding: Assessing the HEVC upgrade

In the distributed video coding (DVC) context, predictive Intra coding plays an important role not only as one of the most meaningful (low encoding complexity) benchmarks but also as the adopted coding mode for the so-called key frames used in the most popular DVC architectures.

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Distributed source coding (DSC) is an important problem in information theory and communication. DSC problems regard the compression of multiple correlated information sources that do not communicate with each other. such as sensor networks and video/multimedia compression

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Distributed video coding based on vector quantization

Distributed video coding. DVC is based on the results of Slepian and Wolf (SW) theorem on lossless distributed source coding and its extension by Wyner and Ziv (WZ) to the case of lossy source coding with SI. The source coding of two correlated sources X and Y can be done jointly or separately. SW theorem shows that a simple separate encoding

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