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Guided tours at Domus Aurea’s archaeological restoration site every Saturday and Sunday . The Domus Aurea’s archaeological restoration site is open with a new and innovative multimedia experience aimed to improve the scientific value of the site.. As implementation of the offer usually provided during the previous years, a new specific site project has been realized focusing on new

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1996 World Monuments Watch. Discovered around 1480, the Domus Aurea—Nero’s famed Golden Palace—was the major source of information on ancient Roman …

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Domus Aurea Project – Visit at Domus Aurea’s archaeological restoration site with virtual reality Finished Event on 30/12/2018 . On First Sunday of Month the admission at Domus Aurea is not free . The site is accessible only by didactic tour with reservation required.

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The Domus Aurea (Latin, “Golden House”) was a vast landscaped palace built by the Emperor Nero in the heart of ancient Rome after the great fire in 64 AD had destroyed a large part of the city and the aristocratic villas on the Palatine Hill.

Built by/for: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

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He used large areas of central Rome for this project, which he called Domus Aurea or Golden House. In fact, rumor has it that Nero started the fire of Rome himself, in order to clear the ground for this enormous building project.

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Finally, the project for the impermeabilization is explained: sodium bentonite laid on a layer of raw (unfired) bricks has been chosen to drain the rain water to the sewage system and far from the Domus Aurea structures.

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The Domus Aurea was an enormous complex of buildings, courtyards and gardens that extended from the Palatine Hill to the Esquiline Hill in Rome, covering the whole of the Oppian Hill – that’s an area of over 90 hectares! Nero entrusted the project of his Golden House to his renowned architects, Severus and Celer. The works were completed


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DOMUS AUREA. For a Spanish architect, to build a house in Mexico is a privilege. To build a house in Monterrey is a gift. To build the TEC lottery house in Monterrey is amazing. And, logically, I did my utmost to ensure that this house would be the most beautiful in the world. That is my stated intent with every new project that falls into my

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Jan 11, 2019 · The Domus Aurea is an active archaeological site and it is an absolute honour being allowed in. They are still working there Monday – Friday but on Saturday and Sunday you More. Date of experience: December 2018. Thank TravelRoo84 . waynewZ1577XP. Arlington, Tennessee. 169 35.


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The Domus Aurea was the subject of a long restoration, the reopening was scheduled for January 2007, but the great monument continued to suffer from the presence of the traffic of the Capital and to the roots of the trees that infiltrated into the ground, creating further instability.

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The firm’s partners attend to every aspect of each project, regardless of scale. The firm’s partners attend to every aspect of each project. – Jonhatan Flaberson

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Nero’s Golden House (the Domus Aurea) in Rome was a sumptuous palace complex which played host to the wild parties of one of Rome’s most notorious emperors. Besides using the finest marble and decoration such as fine wall-painting and gilded colonnades, the building was also a technical marvel with soaring domes, revolving ceilings, ornamental fountains and even waterfalls running down the walls.

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Domus Aurea, Rome. Between the 9th and 15th of January 2007, a geophysical survey was undertaken at the site of Nero’s Domus Aurea. The survey represented part of a preliminary phase of investigation, implementing two non-destructive techniques of archaeological prospection to investigate the depth and possible nature of the rubble fill above the architectural remains of the Domus.

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