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It is necessary for a bank to calculate the bank’s minimum capital requirement for credit, operational, market risk and other risks, to establish how much Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 capital is available to support all risks. Economic Capital. EC is a measure of risk expressed in terms of capital.

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Issues with Model One. The primary issue with our Model One for Economic capital is it rigidity in calculating probability intervention. While we have a 2% probability of intervention for the first four and a 4% for Barclays, what if we need to evaluate capital stock at 10% or 5% Here is the problem.


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Value-at-risk (VaR) models are also typical EC frameworks for market and other risks. Currently, Basel II accord proposes Economic Capital for AAA banks in the region of 99.9%. We shall employ a Monte Carlo simulation procedure to produce a loss distribution capable of determining the EC at such confidence levels.

Published in: International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences · 2013Authors: Osei Antwi · Alice Constance Mensah · Martin Owusu Amoamah · Dadzie JosephAbout: Economic capital

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and liabilities and methods for the valuation of An insurer’s required economic capital is the amount of capital that a company needs to provide a reasonable level of security to To calculate EC we must compile the economic losses from all of the stress tests

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Economic Capital estimates using leverage ratio. The revised and simplified Tier 1 leverage ratio formula is: Here is what the revised process looks like: There are two ways of reviewing the trail of leverage ratios. The first is to calculate trailing leverage, a …

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Calculate Economic Capital for the Entire Balance Sheet With QRM’s assistance, clients build an economic capital process capable of simultaneously modeling different portfolios and risk types, for the entire balance sheet.


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Executive Summary. Economic capital can be defined as the methods or practices that allow banks to consistently assess risk and attribute capital to cover the economic effects of risk-taking activities. Economic capital was originally developed by banks as a tool for capital allocation …

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Economic capital is the amount of risk capital, or equity, needed to cover possible unexpected losses that might arise from an institution’s risk exposures. These exposures are measured on a consistent and ongoing basis as part of an institution’s internal capital assessment processes.


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– Economic value methodology – In calculating Economic Capital, a VCV (variance-covariance) approach is currently taken to account for diversification between the risk types – The Algorithmics model will incorporate correlation between credit and market risk

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Economic capital is a measure of risk, not of capital held. As such, it is distinct from familiar accounting and regulatory capital measures. The output of economic capital models also differs from many other measures of capital adequacy. Model results are expressed as a dollar level of capital necessary to adequately support specific risks assumed.

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Economic capital is capital a financial institution or other trading organization determines—based on its own risk analyses—is an appropriate buffer against possible losses from a transaction, a business line or its operations overall.


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Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Consultative Document Range of practices and issues in economic capital modelling Issued for comment by 28 November 2008 August 2008 Range of practices and issues in economic capital modelling 3 distort the calculation. Similar issues arise when risk measured at one confidence level is

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