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Carbohydrates, Protein, and Amino Acids. Protein is one of the most important nutrient factors affecting wound healing. A deficiency of protein can impair capillary formation, fibroblast proliferation, proteoglycan synthesis, collagen synthesis, and wound remodeling. A deficiency of protein also affects the immune system,

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FActOrs AFFEctING WOUND HEALING Multiple factors can lead to impaired wound healing. damaged. while others have reported that CD 4+ cells (T-helper cells) have a positive role in wound healing and CD8+ cells (T-suppressor-cytotoxic cells) play an inhibitory role in wound healing (Swift et al.

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The Three Stages of Wound Healing. Blood vessels dilate to allow essential cells (e.g. antibodies, white blood cells, growth factors, enzymes, and nutrients) to reach the wounded area. These cells create swelling, heat, pain, and redness, or the “inflammation” for which the phase is named.

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Wound healing can be delayed by systemic factors that bear little or no direct relation to the location of the wound itself. These include age, body type, chronic disease, immunosuppression, nutritional status, radiation therapy, and vascular insufficiencies. Age.

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Local Factors Affecting Wound Healing. Local factors may include sensory deficits and mechanical factors that can lead to tissue damage, as well poor circulation caused through diabetes, cold fear or pain. In addition to advanced age, systemic impediments to rapid wound healing …

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Abstract. This article reviews the recent literature on the most significant factors that affect cutaneous wound healing and the potential cellular and/or molecular mechanisms involved. The factors discussed include oxygenation, infection, age and sex hormones, stress, diabetes, obesity, medications, alcoholism, smoking, and nutrition.

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Here are 10 of the most common factors affecting wound healing in chronic wounds: There are many overall changes in healing capacity that are related to age. Studies have shown that people over the age of 60 may have delayed wound healing due factors …


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Factors Affecting Wound Healing Metabolic Disorders Insulin restores collagen synthesis and granulation tissue formation to normal levels if given during the early phases of healing Type I diabetes mellitus was noted to decrease wound collagen accumulation in the wound, independent of the degree of glycemic control.


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Wound Healing 1. Classification – Acute vschronic 2. Phases of Healing – Coagulation – Inflammation – Proliferation – Maturation 3. Components of healing – Cellualar/mechanical constituents • Neutrophils • Macrophages • Fibroblasts • Collagen – Chemical/cytokine constituents 4. Factors Affecting Wound Healing – Extrinsic

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