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Suggested background. The process of finding a potential function of a conservative vector field is a multi-step procedure that involves both integration and differentiation, while paying close attention to the variables you are integrating or differentiating with respect to. For this reason, given a vector field F,


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Let F be the vector field 2xyi + (x2 + 2yz)j + (y2 + 2z)k. Find a potential function for F. One can use the component test to show that F is conservative, but we will skip that step and go directly to finding the potential. We have that ∂f ∂x = 2xy. Therefore f is given by the indefinite integral f(x,y,z) = R 2xydx.

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In this page, we give an example of finding a potential function of a three-dimensional conservative vector field. This procedure is an extension of the procedure of finding the potential function of a two-dimensional field .

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Finding the scalar potential of a vector field The function $\phi(x,y)$ can be found by integrating each component of $$\mathbf{F}(x,y) = \nabla \phi(x,y)$$ and combining the results into a …

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calculus – Finding potential function for a vector field
How to find a potential function for conservation field
calculus – How to find the potential function of a vector
Find the potential function of a

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Calculus III – Conservative Vector Fields

The two partial derivatives are equal and so this is a conservative vector field. Now that we know how to identify if a two-dimensional vector field is conservative we need to address how to find a potential function for the vector field. This is actually a fairly simple process. First, let’s assume that the vector field is conservative and so we know that a potential function, exists. We can then say that,

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Finding Potential Functions. For functions of two variables, this is shown in Figure 1a. The potential function is shown at the top. Slanted lines represent derivatives of ; derivatives with respect to go to the left, while derivatives with respect to go to the right. The second line thus gives the components of .


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Finding potential functions Version 2 (April 22, 2004) A vector field F~ has a potential function V if ∇~ V = F~. If the vector field is planar, F : R2 → R2, then the potential function must be a function of two variables, V : R2 → R.

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Potential Function. The term used in physics and engineering for a harmonic function. Potential functions are extremely useful, for example, in electromagnetism, where they reduce the study of a 3-component vector field to a 1-component scalar function. SEE ALSO: Harmonic Function, Laplace’s Equation, Scalar Potential, Vector Potential.


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Potential Functions E.L.Lady In Calculus III so far, we have considered functions where the argument is a on-dimensional variable, which we usually denotes by t and often think of as time, and the values are two or three-dimensional:

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