how long should your sideburns be

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A typically ignored part of the male anatomy, sideburns don’t get their fair share of grooming attention. And yet, they sit like two columns right smack dab on either side of your punim.

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Always Have a Side Burn. This is rule number one for a reason. Not having any sideburns is out of …

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So, if your hair is short, burns should also be short and close to the face, while long hair can accommodate longer, thicker sides. Let your hairstyle lead the way in determining the basic length and fullness. And if your hairstyle compliments your face shape, the sideburns most likely will, too.

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Feb 13, 2010 · i’m assuming your hair is long like it is on your yahoo profile. you can shave your sideburns with a razor (if you shave). i don’t think they should be too horribly long, not past the ears. but really, i just recommend going natural.

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What’s the Rule for Sideburns?

The thickness of your sideburns should be consistent with the rest of your hair. If it’s on the longer side, keep your ‘burns a bit fuller. If your hair is short, it should be short everywhere.

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Long sideburns, especially thick ones, have been in for a long time and continue to top the style charts.

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Long Sideburns. Go big or go home. Longer sideburns are great for framing the face and generally finish just below the ear. Before trimming, it is important to consider the shape of your face. Long, thin sideburns can be a great way to elongate the face, therefore are perfect for …

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If a man simply wants to know what length his sideburns should be for his hairstyle, consider the details and how they complement and contrast with the ensemble. There is a plethora of options to determine the shape, dimensions and width of your Sideburns. The length and volume should balance and be coherent with the hairstyle. You can dictate the Sideburn length by the hairstyle’s length.

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Proper shaping and trimming of your sideburns will give you a more groomed appearance. The 411 on Sideburns. These are a few factors to keep in mind about trimming the ‘burns: Most haircuts look better with sideburns, which can help balance facial features. Never cut the sideburns higher than the point where the top of the ear attaches to the head.

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There is no real trend for how long your sideburns should be. In general, do what fits your style. That said, a longer sideburn works well on a square face or a face with a long chin; a short sideburn can balance a short or weak chin; and a round face can benefit from a fuller, medium-length sideburn.

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You need to have sideburns. Period. Posted at 03:35h in News by Erica Fleischman 0 Comments. 0 Likes. I don’t care weather you have long flowing locks or a number one all over, (which by the way, unless you are Wentworth Miller from Prison Break, I don’t suggest you ever have a …

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Sideburns for women: get in the loop A few strands of hair in front of your ears can be empowering, chic and even a feminist statement. So remember you read it here first

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If your face is long and skinny, go for long, thick sideburns. If you have a rounder face, keep the sideburns shorter and thinner. The short and thin look also works well for people with square jaws.

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