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A tangent is a line that just touches a circle at one point. It always forms a right angle with the circle’s radius.

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Angles Subtended on the Same Arc. Angles formed from two points on the circumference are equal to other angles, in the same arc, formed from those two points. Angle in a Semi-Circle. Angles formed by drawing lines from the ends of the diameter of a circle to its circumference form a right angle. So c …


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Proving circle theorems Angle in a semicircle We want to prove that the angle subtended at the circumference by a semicircle is a right angle. Step 1: Create the problem. Draw a circle, mark its centre and draw a diameter through the centre. Use the diameter to form one side of a triangle.

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How to find Angles in a Semicircle – Help with Circle Theorems. It will mean that the angle opposite of the diameter is 90 degrees (half of 180 degrees, angles on a straight line). So you will have a right-angled triangle and therefore can be asked to do some Trigonometry and apply Pythagoras’ Theorem. In the next video you will learn exactly what is meant with angles in a semicircle.

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CIRCLE THEOREMS. 3. The measure of an angle formed by a tangent and chord is equal to one-half the measure of its intercepted arc. A useful pair of auxiliary lines is to contruct an isosceles triangle with one side parallel to the tangent line. 4. If two chords intersect to form the the vertex of an angle within a circle…

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May 20, 2015 · Everything About Circle Theorems – In 3 minutes! EasiAsPi. Loading Unsubscribe from EasiAsPi? the angles in a semi-circle, what happens when a tangent and a radius meet,

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Tangent Segments

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Calculating the lengths of arcs and areas of sectors. In order to calculate the length of an arc or …

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If you have problems with the pages, or want to get in touch, let me know. First circle theorem – angles at the centre and at the circumference. Second circle theorem – angle in a semicircle. Third circle theorem – angles in the same segment. Fourth circle theorem – angles in a cyclic quadlateral.

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Explore, prove, and apply important properties of circles that have to do with things like arc length, radians, inscribed angles, and tangents.

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Apr 16, 2011 · Can anyone give me any tips on how to remember the circle theorems needed for gsce maths so that within my exam i will be able to do the questions also/or is there any really good websites that i could use for this topic. Follow . 5 answers 5. Report Abuse.

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Watch Sal work through a basic Circle theorems problem. Watch Sal work through a basic Circle theorems problem. The radius of the circle is five, so we see we have part of a circle right over here, so we have the arc AB, and you see the radius from the center to any point on that circle, so OB is five and the length of chord AB is six, and

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