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When I connect my laptop to TV via HDMI cable, I have

Solved Connecting laptop to TV and to surround sound using HDMI and digital audio cable with some issues solution; Solved How do i get sound on my TV from an HDMI cable connected to …

How to Get Sound on TV Using HDMI Cables? |

An HDMI port looks like the picture shown here. Attach your HDMI cable from your input device to your output device by simply pushing the connections into place. There are no screws to attach. Simply line up the small end with the small end of your device and gentle push the cabling into place.

How to Fix HDMI No Sound after Connecting Computer to

If the HDMI device is not set as default device, you cannot hear the sound from HDMI output. Follow steps below to set the HDMI device as Default Device: 1) Right-click on sound volume icon in the lower right corner of Windows. A context menu will pop up. 2) Click Playback devices. 3) In the Playback tab, select Digital Output Device or HDMI option.

How do I get sound to play on my TV through HDMI

Aug 23, 2010 · Original title: soun after connecting laptop whit tv by hdmi cable ok i connect my laptop to the tv by hdmi cabel and playd amove sound and everything …

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Computers usually output audio through numerous connections, none of which are connections commonly used by home theater systems. This means a chain of wires and adapters is required. But now HDMI allows users to bundle audio and video and send it all through a single cable. This greatly reduces the headache of connecting a PC to a home theater.

How to get sound to play through HDMI to monitor – [Solved

In order to get audio through your HDMI output, you need to use your video card’s built-in audio hardware since that’s where the HDMI cable is plugged in.

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Mar 27, 2013 · If you’re not getting sound when you connect your computer to your TV this short video will show you how to get sound on your TV via HDMI cable.

Author: Rob Abdul

Laptop sound on TV with HDMI cable [Solved] –

Nov 27, 2018 · Sound still not playing via HDMI cable on my Pioneer amplifier but this has been the frst progress I managed in 2 days, thanksomuch ! yeah my desktop I just got has an hdmi port as well but when I was trying to get sound it would only come from my computer speakers. I eventually figured it out.

I take it you are using your laptop to watch DVD etc on your HD TV. I had the same problem where the sound was coming out my laptop. I solved this by going in to the sound options on my computer (which you can access in your control panel) then set your sound default as HDMI. This should solve the problem, just remember to set the default back to the laptops speakers when you are finished using it on your TV. I hope that it helps.Best answer · 1064you can get disabled playback devices such as hdmi or whatever else your computer has by opening the playback devices and right clicking in the space in the box and click ‘show disabled devices.319ALSO!
After you go into “Manage Audio Devices” make sure you right click in that window,
then select “Display disabled devices”
That way the HDMI option will show up.
Then select HDMI, and click on “enable”
Close any audio output programs,
Then reopen and play them,
Wa-la! Sound from an HDMI cable. AWESOME!!243
I dont know whether you guys have tried this but it works for me. Try :
control panel-device manager-system devices-high definition audio controller.
Enable it. In my case I have 2 high definition audio controller. Disabling one of it will disable the pc speaker & digital audio/spdif. Disabling the other will disable the ATI HDMI output with the tv icon. Enabling both will enable all sound playback device. You can actually open the sound playback device window and see the icon comes and goes as you play around enabling and disabling the audio controller.
Give it a try. Just sharing what works for me87
OK for all you needs to know.
Connect the HDMI cable to the Laptop and the TV. Make sure the TV was OFF then Power it on so that the TV will then SEE the HDMI connection.
On the Laptop go to Start > Control Panel > Sounds > Right click on the “Digital Output Device” and set it as default. Depending on your Laptop will make the difference as to the name the HDMI device is under.
THIS IS the catch 22 some Laptop require you restart them after you save the changes, lol.
So while the HDMI cable is STILL plugged in and connected to the TV >>> restart <<< your PC.
Oh and something funny about Microsoft, sometimes you have to play sound in Windows Media CENTER before it will play sound through Windows Media Player.
If that fails CALL YOUR LAPTOP MAKER, They have Tech Support for a reason56
I followed these steps (setting the HDMI as the default) and now there is no sound period. It is not coming through the laptop or the tv. Any suggestions?
I find this most frustrating because the sound came through the tv the first 10 or so times I hooked the laptop up to it w/ the HDMI cable.22
HDMI is a technology before its time during its time. It’s had several modifications, including 1.0, 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 and so forth. While the video quality has always been 1080p, the audio has undergone several changes during the years.
It’s possible that the HDMI port on your laptop isn’t designed for audio at all. I would recommend looking for an optical, or try jacking your stereo up to the line out. Even if you were somehow successful getting the audio into your tv, HDTV audio is poor at best.
Extend a splitter cable from your headjack to the stereo with the red/white cables. it’ll do you well, and most receivers can pro logic ii the audio to make it come through 5.1 quality (or comparable)16
I solved my problem after 3 hours of screwing around. This arose after upgrading from Vista to 7.
Problem – hdmi wasn’t showing up under devices for audio output. I reinstalled every driver individually that had to do with audio or video. Nothing worked.
Solution – I eventually downloaded the entire new chipset direct from intel and reinstalled the chipset and all hdmi/graphics drivers from that download. After restart it worked fine. Also needed to download newest itunes, but that worked too.
Hope I helped someone.
ps, I have a Sony VAIO FW-170J14
Hey guys,
I just figured this out!
If you have sounds already playing on the laptop, then you must switch your default to the HDMI then go and re open the program ie itunes. Any other program playing sounds on ur laptop speakers will continue to play through the lap top speakers
On VISTA do this
Right click your screen
go to personalize
on the left there is an option “connect to a projectror or external display”
Click the speaker picture, and set the default to HDMI by right clicking it and selecting make default.
Close your media programs, and then re-open them and hit play..
Presto! Sound will work!
This wasnt listed in my manual either I had to figure it out.
HOPE this helps, any questions email me.
Email Id removed for security9
Blue Ray movie, Hdtv trough hdmi laptop to external Lcd flat screen tv – no sound problem.
1. Pause the movie
2. restart the computer
3. Hit play movie (in some cases, you’ll have to turn off/on the tv)7

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How To Play Audio Through HDMI & Speakers Simultaneously

If you would like to get audio output from both an HDMI device and your speakers, read on after the break. To get started, open Sound Properties from Control Panel. From the Playback tab, select speakers and click Set Default .

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HDMI specifications allow passing audio data through HDMI cables along with video data. Under normal circumstances, there is nothing additional that one needs to do to pass audio data stream through an HDMI cable. It happens automatically.

HP PCs – Troubleshooting HDMI Display and Sound Issues

If you used a DVI-to-HDMI adapter to connect the display, DVI does not carry an audio signal. To hear sound through the display, you must connect the computer Audio Line Out connector to the DVI Audio In connector on the display and select DVI as the source.

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Jan 16, 2009 · HDMI can carry encompass sound, yet many times you bypass to the receiver first if it has hdmi inputs and then from the receiver to the television. this way the receiver can extract the encompass sound and bypass the video directly to the television. the type you defined ought to artwork, yet you will ought to learn your television specs

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no sound on tv from pc hdmi – how to solve – YouTube

May 09, 2016 · sound on tv with hdmi how to setup pc to get sound on tv hdmi sound on tv Connect computer to TV with HDMI with sound how to play sound from hdmi to tv

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