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Don’t be multi-tasking. Focus your full attention on the interview so you can stay alert for important …

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Prepare for a phone interview just as you would for a regular in-person interview. Compile a list of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a list of answers to typical phone interview questions. In addition, have a list of questions ready to ask the interviewer.

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“Tell me about yourself?” General strategy for answering: The key here is to be concise. The best …

How To Give a Successful Phone Interview

How To Give a Successful Phone Interview. Your resume is not the only resource you should keep handy. Create a log for keeping track of the resumes you send out, recording each company, position title, contact name, date the position was applied for, and qualifications for the job. If you have a chance to research the company,

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Be ready with responses. Many phone interviews are TS-Targeted Selection style, and you’ll be asked to share work experiences. Answer in a STAR format. State the Situation or Task, the Action you took and the Result of the action. For result, tell how it affected the situation and also how it affected you.

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The phone interview is a key element in the hiring process. Follow these tips on how to give a phone interview if you want to hire the best person for the job. You can’t build a strong team of employees without hiring good people. And to do that, you need to be …

5 Phone Interview Questions for Uncovering the Best Hires

How to Conduct a Phone Interview: Prepare your questions. Use software such as Calendly to make scheduling easy. Do a brief, polite introduction. Ask the same questions of each candidate. Take notes on their answers. Ask follow up questions. With top candidates, arrange the next interview.

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Be prepared to explain every job transition. An HR screener will likely want you to step him or her …

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Follow these phone interview tips and make it your business to secure a face-to-face meeting: 1. Print it out. Have a physical copy of your resume and the job description in front of you during the call. Type up a bulleted list of items you want to cover during the conversation.

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