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How To Put On a Tampon – YouTube

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Sep 04, 2014 · How To Put On a Tampon Learn how to wear a tampon the right way. This video shows a girl putting in tampon to explain you how to use tampons without hurting yourself. Tampons or sanitary pads are

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How to Put In a Tampon. Don’t let the nervousness of using a tampon for the first time to stop you from trying it. It may feel a bit difficult at first time, but it’s really simple. And the way to put in a tampon may be changed a little with two kinds of tampons. Insert a Tampon with a Built-In Applicator. Use soap and water to wash your hands

How to Insert a Tampon for the First Time (with Pictures)

Jan 23, 2019 · If you’re afraid to insert a tampon for the first time, sit comfortably with your legs spread, and choose a “regular” or “light” tampon. Unwrap the tampon, then find the opening of your vagina and insert the tip of the tampon with the string facing down.


How To Insert a Tampon – YouTube

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Aug 15, 2013 · Today I show you how to correctly Insert & Remove a tampon. Inserting & removing a tampon correctly is extremely important for ALL Men & Women. Inserting it correctly can be the difference between

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How to Use a Tampon Painlessly (with Pictures) – wikiHow

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Jun 18, 2018 · How to Use a Tampon Painlessly. If you’re unaccustomed to it, using a tampon can be awkward and even a bit painful. Video. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips. Regular tampons …


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Hold the tampon applicator with your middle finger and thumb at the finger-gripping area–a grooved area on the middle of the tube. Hold the tampon at an angle and insert it into your vagina. Put it in slowly as far as you can without letting go with your middle finger and thumb.

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Inserting a tampon is not as scary as it sounds. This how to video teaches you the proper way to insert and remove a tampon. This tutorial shows the method of inserting a tampon with an applicator.

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The uncomfortable feeling comes from the tampon rubbing against the muscles at the opening of the vagina. If this happens, pull it out and try again with a new one, making sure to insert it further into your body. It’s normal for beginners who aren’t sure how to insert a tampon to try a few times before getting it right, so don’t worry!

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