how to put out a person on fire

What are the best ways to put out a fire on a person or child?

Answer Wiki. The best way to put out a fire on a person or child is to have them roll on the ground to help smother the flame (stop, drop and roll). You can use a fire blanket or heavy, tightly-woven fabric and wrap it around them to help extinguisher the flames while you …

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If you or someone you love catches fire, do the following: • Stop, drop, and roll if it’s you. If it’s someone else, smother the flames. with a wet towel if you have one, a dry one if not, and put the flames. out. • Get them down if the person is panicking, you may need to use a leg. sweep, but get the person on the ground and the fire out.

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East Side Fire Department. If you are near someone whose clothing catches on fire, be sure to stop them from running and make them STOP, DROP, and ROLL. Once the fire is out, you must treat a burn injury. Cool a burn with cool water. Call 9-1-1.

How to put out the fire on a burning person if you don’t

Someone posted a comment on the question asking wether it is appropriate to use a regular blanket or if it could melt and fuse with their burns. The answer to both those questions is yes. We are talking about a person who is on fire here, the priority is to turn them into a person who is not on fire. The doctors will sort out the rest later.

How does the fire brigade put out a person on fire

Sep 19, 2009 · Best Answer: In order to put out a person on fire, use a blanket, extinguisher or water if you know the type of fire. Certain fires, such as those caused by phosphorus cannot use water. Certain fires, such as those caused by phosphorus cannot use water.

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May 14, 2018 · try to extinguish the fire with water. Use buckets, pots, or other containers to carry water to the blaze if no other fire fighting equipment is available, and a stream or pond, or other source of water is nearby. If you’re close enough to the brush to use a hose, take advantage of …


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How to put out a fire. Install extinguishers on hangers, brackets, in cabinets or on shelves. Ensure that operating instructions on the extinguishers face outward. Travel distance for Class A and D extinguishers should not exceed 75 feet and Class B should not exceed 50 feet. There is …

How do you save someone whose clothes are on fire?

The person whose clothing is on fire should “stop, drop, and roll” or be assisted in lying flat on the ground and rolling to put out the fire. Share to: Answered

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Some fire departments recommended calling 911 immediately if a fire of any size breaks out in your home. If you do attempt to put out a fire by yourself, act quickly, and keep yourself between the fire and an exit so you have a quick escape.

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Dec 10, 2018 · Turn off any heat source, such as a stove burner. If the flame was started by any heat source, such as an oven, stove burner, or space heater, turn the heat source off. This will decrease the amount of time it takes for the fire to suffocate. Expect some smoke to run through the blanket. This is …



any of these questions or if you will be unable to put out the fire in 5 seconds using the extinguisher, you should not use a fire extinguisher. Rather , you should: • Leave the building immediately. • Shut all doors as you leave to slow the spread of the fire. • As soon as you get out of the building, call 911.

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