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This is important so that the knife has sufficient time to slide on your index finger as you throw. The more slide time the more control once you get a better feel for the knife. Other Fingers – The knife handle should rest across the ring finger and middle finger. The thumb along the side of the knife …

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How to throw a knife: The throw. Both arms are straight, stretched out towards the target. Now draw back your right arm. Your upper arm is now in one line with your shoulders. The forearm points to the sky, a little in the direction of your head. The right hand is a little bit above your ear, and the knife is in one straight line with the forearm.

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Release the knife when throwing hand is right towards the target and let your hand continue on the throwing path. The knife should strike the target! Be sure that the arm is fully stretched out and the knife points exactly to the target at the moment of release. Below is a video showing how to throw a knife straight.

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Start practicing about 15 feet from the target and adjust the distance according to your need: Square your shoulders toward your target, and assume your stance. Grip your knife and raise it as if you are about to hammer a nail into a wall at eye level in front of you. Reach back, and step into a moderate throw.

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Sep 28, 2014 · How to Throw Knives Accurately (For Beginners) BennyCriss12. Pro Knife Thrower Jason Johnson Gives Slam Dunk Champ Kenny Dobbs a Throwing Lesson BEST Beginner Throwing Knives/Tools

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Sep 20, 2015 · In this video, I’m working on my 4 m throw, but now I’m comfortable past this mark. As for killing people, that’s how movies portray knife throwing.

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Choosing a Knife. Your choice of knives are endless. Any knife with a semi-sharp point and a little …

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Find the Right Knife. This technique requires a single-edged throwing knife. By “throwing knife” I …

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Shape: Some of the no-spin techniques require the thrower to brush down the spin of the knife with a finger. To do this, the shape of the knife is very important. Make sure that the throwing knife has a round and smooth spine, it shouldn’t have any bump sticking out which can thwart you from brushing down the knife.

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As with throwing a tomahawk, the key to successfully throwing a knife is the distance between you and the target. Measure off about five normal steps from the target and draw a line. That should give you enough distance so the knife makes a complete rotation in the air before sticking in the target.

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