importance of genetic variation in evolution

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Full Answer. Genetic variation comes from mutations within DNA; the movement of genes from one population to another, or gene flow; and new genetic combinations resulting from sex. When a population contains genetics of individuals who vary significantly, some of the individuals in the group can possess traits that make them resistant to disease

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Sep 18, 2018 · Now, a population could have variation without that variation being genetic. Imagine a population of 100 genetically identical trees that reproduce by cloning out in a field somewhere. Some of the trees will be taller than others, some will have more leaves, etc., just because of chance and environmental factors.

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Why Is Genetic Variation Important to Evolution

A: Genetic variation is important to evolution because it helps to maintain the health of a population by constituting alleles that may be useful in overcoming stresses such as diseases and pests. Without genetic variation, some of the fundamental mechanisms of evolutionary changes would not operate.

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Mar 30, 2008 · Answers. Best Answer: Evolution by natural selection requires three ingredients: 1. Variation 2. Inheritance 3. Competition If any of these three factors are absent, no evolution can occur. They work *together*. The reason that variation is important is because there is competition among members of the same species.

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Genetic variation. Mutations are changes in the DNA. A single mutation can have a large effect, but in many cases, evolutionary change is based on the accumulation of many mutations. Gene flow is any movement of genes from one population to another and is an important source of genetic variation.

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Genetic Variation: Importance, Sources, and Examples. This unequal distribution gives rise to the presence of abnormal number of chromosomes in the daughter cell, i.e., the ploidy (number of chromosomes) level is changed in a cell. Depending on the loss …

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However, existing genes can be arranged in new ways from chromosomal crossing over and recombination in sexual reproduction. Overall, the main sources of genetic variation are the formation of new alleles, the altering of gene number or position, rapid reproduction, and sexual reproduction.

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In genetic variation, the genes of organisms within a population change. Gene alleles determine distinct traits that can be passed on from parents to offspring. Gene variation is important to the process of natural selection. The genetic variations that arise in a population happen by chance, but the process of natural selection does not.

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Genetic diversity is important because it helps maintain the health of a population, by including alleles that may be valuable in resisting diseases, pests and other stresses. Maintaining diversity gives the population a buffer against change, providing the flexibility to adapt.

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