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The Knife Angel – A Sculpture Made of 100,000 Knives

The Knife Angel is a 24-foot-tall sculpture made of 100,000 knives confiscated from police stations throughout the UK. and the finished Knife Angel was finally unveiled, a few days ago.

100,000 weapons turned into Knife Angel sculpture – BBC News

Knife Angel made out of 100,000 weapons Jump to media player A 26-foot high sculpture made out of knives and intended as a tribute to victims of knife crime is nearing completion.

Sculptor Spends 2 Years To Build Knife Angel Out Of

There’s a giant 26-foot-tall Knife Angel sculpture in the UK, built entirely out of 100,000 donated knives. But besides the impressive statistics, it’s also a. Sculptor Spends 2 Years To Build Knife Angel Out Of 100,000 Weapons, However Government Rejects It. Art, Social Issues.

‘Knife Angel’ sculpture made from 100,000 – mirror

The ‘Knife Angel’ sculpture is made from knives collected This poignant ‘Knife Angel’ serves as a heartbreaking tribute to When finished it will have been made using 100,000 knives

‘Knife angel’ made from 100,000 seized – The Guardian

‘Knife angel’ made from 100,000 seized blades divides opinion Sculpture highlighting the brutality of knife crime will tour UK when completed, but some victims’ families are against it Jessica Elgot

The Knife Angel Statue deserves to be on the Fourth Plinth

Two years later and the Knife Angel Statue, created as a national monument against violence and aggression, is almost finished. It is a 27ft high sculpture, created with 100,000 knives surrendered and collected in nationwide amnesties in 2015/2016.

This impressive ‘Knife Angel’ sculpture is made out of

The sculpture, named “Knife Angel,” was created in Oswestry, Shropshire, by the British Ironwork Centre. It took two years to build. The knives were handed in by 41 police forces around the country during amnesties and confiscations.

Shropshire Knife Angel may never be revealed because six

A huge angel sculpture made of blades confiscated or handed in as part of a knife amnesty may never be revealed because six police forces have failed to get behind it. The British Ironwork Centre

Knife Angel; Knife Angel Sculpter; Angel of Peace; Knife

Angel of Peace KnifeCrimes.Org proudly announce that we have become a Partner Organisation of the ‘Save a Life, Surrender your Knife’ Project launched by the British Ironwork Centre… Angel Monument… the angel monument is being constructed using donated knives, turning weapons collected from amnesties to make a monument to peace.

‘Knife Angel’ sculpture made of confiscated weapons

Confiscated knives used to commit crimes have been collected to build a sculpture outside Liverpool Cathedral. The Knife Angel is a national monument against violence and aggression and aims to

Giant “Knife Angel” Made With Over 100,000 Weapons

Knife Angel is a 27-foot-tall sculpture made of over 100,000 knives. 43 police precincts across the UK collected weapons that were confiscated or turned over in amnesty. They were often sent to sculptor Alfie Bradley in evidence tubes, and he had the arduous task of cleaning and sorting each knife by hand.

Trafalgar Square call to Boris over Shropshire knife sculpture

The Knife Angel, which is yet to be revealed in its entirety is being created by sculptor Alfie Bradley who says he expects to use 100,000 knifes of all shapes and sizes by the time it is finished.

The National Monument against Violence and Aggression

It is now recognised as the The National Monument against Violence and Aggression – Knife Angel and has even been nominated for memorial listed status by Historic England. The Knife Angel has stood proudly outside of our centre in Oswestry since its birth.

‘Knife Angel’ sculpture standing 27ft tall made from

A sculpture of an angel made out of more than 100,000 handed-in knives will travel to Liverpool. The sculpture was created two years ago by the British Ironwork Centre in Shropshire to illustrate

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