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Magnetic shark repellent. Magnetic shark repellent s utilize permanent magnets, which exploit the sensitivity of the Ampullae of Lorenzini in sharks and rays (electrosense). This organ is not found on bony fishes (teleosts), therefore, this type of shark repellent is selective to sharks and rays.

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These data suggest that a selective shark exclusion magnetic barrier, in addition to the shark-nets on human populated beaches, may reduce elasmobranch mortality associated with shark-nets. Shark nets are used to prevent the entrance of sharks to areas where bathers frequent.

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Jun 22, 2016 · Can magnets repel a school of hungry bull sharks? Dr. Craig O’Connell tests a magnetic shark barrier. From Shark Week 2016’s “Sharks Among Us.” SHARK WEEK is back with shark n’ awe when it

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What Are Magnetic Shark Barriers. The barrier would be made of a shield of permanent magnets, placed in protective tubes and disguised as a kelp forest. When sharks tried to cross over it, they would be repelled by the applied magnetic field. According to a research fellow at Stellenbosch, the repulsion would cause no harm to the sharks,

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New Sharksafe Barrier System to protect both sharks and people. As an apex predator, the great white shark has been a protected species since 2005 under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES, Appendix II) and the Convention for Migratory Species (CMS); furthermore, due to rapid population declines,

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Craig’s PhD was focused on the usage of permanent magnets to change the swimming pattern and deter large predatory sharks.This project, authorized by the Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa (Res Permit RES2012/74), and thanks to Michael Rutzen’ s personal observations, developed further into a novel technology that combines the magnets with a visual biomimicry barrier that looks …

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Sharks and rays can locate prey buried in the sand, or DC electric dipoles that simulate the main feature of the electric field of a prey buried in the sand. Any moving conductor, such as sea water, induces an electric field when a magnetic field, such as the earth’s is present.

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Craig O’Connell tests a magnetic shark barrier. From Shark Week 2016’s “Sharks Among Us.” Can magnets repel a school of hungry bull sharks? Dr. Craig O’Connell tests a magnetic shark barrier. From Shark Week 2016’s “Sharks Among Us.” Shark Week. More from this Show.

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The Sharksafe Barrier is an eco-friendly alternative to the shark nets and baited drumlines that prove lethal to a vast and indiscriminate array of marine life. Hundreds of thousands of sharks, dolphins, turtles and other species die after becoming tangled in the strands of nets, or hooked on drum lines.

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Lectures and presentations on sharks and shark repellents for all audiences Expert testimony on shark repellents Testing and evaluation of shark repellent products Research liaison to longline fishing industry R&D for marine biology and chemistry. Consultants for: Magnetoreception and permanent magnet applications Magnetic barrier and beach net

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O’Connell and a team of researchers are working on magnetic barriers called SharkSafe rather than nets to keep sharks away from beaches, and to protect local sharks and other marine animals.

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Our Product. SharkSafe Barrier TM successfully bio-mimics the visual effects of a kelp forest, magnets as shark deterrents (2) visual and magnetic barrier deterrents and (3) (84 white sharks and 41 bull sharks) swam through the barrier.

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When a shark comes close to that field, the field seems to disrupt the sharks’ special sixth sense, electroreception. Many shark species have pores dotted around their snouts called ampullae of Lorenzini that detect minute changes of electricity in the seawater, up to one-billionth of a volt.

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Sharksafe Barrier. 2.9K likes. The Sharksafe barrier is a eco-friendly technology that combines magnetic and visual stimuli to deter shark species


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SharkSafe™ shark barrier an environmentally friendly and sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, and rays. appearance and the magnetic effect provided by the shark barrier enhances the effectiveness of the barrier. • Articulated member configurations allow

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