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How To Wear A Blazer Jacket With Jeans | Matching Blazers

Jeans in a really deep midnight-blue can work with a blazer that’s on the lighter end of navy (or in a different color altogether), especially if the jeans have some orange contrast stitching in them.

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Men’s Coloured Blazers. While today you can find blazers in any shade of the rainbow, there are several timeless colours that are perfect to pair with jeans. Grey, navy, black, tweed and brown are all standard blazer styles and well worth considering when looking for a jacket to go with your jeans.

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The sweater should by lightly knit or woven to remove bulk. Darker colored sweaters are solid choices but should not blend in too deeply with the navy blue blazer unless you have a darker complexion or dark hair. Grey to light-grey is an ideal sweater color. Avoid matching a turtle-neck with a blazer.

Style Debate: Wearing a classic Navy Blazer with jeans

Style Debate: Wearing a classic Navy Blazer with jeans. The jacket with jeans look is so common that its become a go-to uniform for some. Despite jeans not being allowed in most corporate work places, often times a guy in a jacket and dark jeans will look light-years better than a guy in a pair of dress pants, and bulky shirt, and a bad tie.

A Trip Down South: Dark jeans and a navy blazer: too much

Mar 21, 2010 · Personally, I do both: a navy blazer with jeans or a pair of cotton pants. Don’t think too hard about it, it should be effortless and reflect your personal aesthetic, but really the navy blazer and dark blue jeans look is something that I personally pull off a lot and with success.

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Dark navy blue jeans will look awkward with darker colored blazers, but don’t deny the dark side of the color wheel just yet. An unusual color like brown works surprisingly well with darker jeans. Lighter shades of blue jeans or even white denim brings out a unique look.

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Navy Blazer. However ,with the rise of streetwear men’s blazers been somewhat forgotten and possibly assigned to the depths of your wardrobe where your deepest darkest fashion faux pas hang out. You can wear a navy blazer and jeans, you can wear one with a suit and you can even, if you get the right cut, wear a blazer with a pair of shorts.

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Classic Black Blazer With Jeans. Skin-tight ripped jeans and a pretty top with lacy panel look great when worn with a classic black blazer – sky-high stilettos add even more emphasis to your shapely legs. For a muted colour palette, try a pair of black faded jeans with fashionable rips, worn with a plain dove-grey top and wide-lapelled black blazer,

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The Navy Blazer or Sport Coat or Sports Jacket, whatever you want to call it (we’ll go with Blazer from here on out), is an essential because it’s the very definition of business or dressy casual. It pairs incredibly well with dark wash jeans, oxford or semi-spread collar dress shirts, Oxford

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On Your Off Day. This spring, as weekend warriors pour into the streets, parks, and overpriced brunch spots, don’t be like every other bro in a button-front stripey or, god forbid, flip-flops. The navy polo with black jeans is an innovation on stuffy country club style, while the dual color navy and black kicks make your look coordinated without too

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In this instance, the oxford-cloth button down is lighter than the sweater, and the sweater is a different shade of blue than the jeans. A royal v-neck could work quite well here, too. It’s the same idea as wearing a navy blazer with dark jeans, but this outfit is more errand-ready than a blazer.

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And, just as all jackets don’t have to be suit jackets and not all blazers have to be navy with gilded gold buttons, remember. keep the blazer dark and jeans to a dark denim, in a tapered

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Dark wash jeans work very well with grey blazers and tend to be more casual and complementary with fabrics like denim. The key to perfecting this combination is to ensure that the material of your blazer is not too formal. Remember that separates only work if they are similar regarding their level of formality.

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“Such a simple style, white shirt, dark jeans, navy blazer.” “This guy could use a shave, but his outfit is sharp. The cuffed dark jeans and white oxford are casual and stylish, but the shined shoes and navy blazer add a lot of flair. Men’s Navy Blazer / Sportcoat Style. What others are saying “Very prepp! Nantucket red pants, Navy Blue DB

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