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Nontrivial – definition of nontrivial by The Free Dictionary

Define nontrivial. nontrivial synonyms, nontrivial pronunciation, nontrivial translation, English dictionary definition of nontrivial. adj. 1. Not trivial; of some importance. 2. Mathematics Of, relating to, or being an expression in which at least one variable is not equal to zero.

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See more synonyms for nontrivial on adjective. not trivial. Mathematics. noting a solution of a linear equation in which the value of at least one variable of the equation is not equal to zero.

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Definition of nontrivial. 1. : not trivial : significant, important. a small but nontrivial amount. … engineering a power plant around the technology is a nontrivial problem. —John Fleck.

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1Not trivial; significant. ‘All this means that applying patches is a non-trivial and increasingly expert task.’. ‘For any non-trivial software package, it seems to me that a consistent user interface is more helpful than a simple one.’. ‘There remains the non-trivial question of authentication.’.

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Definitions for nontrivial non·triv·ial. Having at least one non-zero variable. Needing significant computing power to solve; intractable. Requiring real thought or significant computing power. Often used as an understated way of saying that a problem is quite difficult or impractical, or even entirely unsolvable (“Proving P=NP is nontrivial”).

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Definition of nontrivial from the Collins English Dictionary. The imperative. Commands and orders The imperative is used to give commands and orders. The form of the verb used for the imperative is the base form of the main verb, which is used without a subject.

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Trivial | Definition of Trivial by Merriam-Webster

Today the English word has changed slightly in meaning and instead usually describes something barely worth mentioning. Mathematicians use the word to refer to some part of a proof or definition that’s extremely simple and needn’t be explained, but the rest of us tend to use it just to mean “unimportant”.

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Triviality (mathematics) In mathematics, the adjective trivial is frequently used for objects (for example, groups or topological spaces) that have a very simple structure. The noun triviality usually refers to a simple technical aspect of some proof or definition. The origin of …

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Trivial – definition of trivial by The Free Dictionary

Define trivial. trivial synonyms, trivial pronunciation, trivial translation, English dictionary definition of trivial. adj. 1. Of little significance or value. 2. Concerned with or involving unimportant matters; superficial: a trivial colleague; a trivial remark.

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nontrivial – Computer Definition Not lightweight. Nontrivial is a favorite word among programmers and computer people for describing any task that is not quick and easy to accomplish.

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‘The non-trivial technical problems that keep the space elevator from being built are legion.’ ‘All this means that applying patches is a non-trivial and increasingly expert task.’ ‘This is a non-trivial result, in fact highly significant.’

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