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A large number of holes are provided in the semiconductor material by the addition of trivalent impurities like Gallium and Indium. Such type of impurities which produces p-type semiconductor are known as an Acceptor Impurities because each atom of them create one hole which can accept one electron.

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p Type Semiconductor. The extrinsic p-Type Semiconductor is formed when a trivalent impurity is added to a pure semiconductor in a small amount, and as a result, a large number of holes are created in it. A large number of holes are provided in the semiconductor material by the addition of trivalent impurities like Gallium and Indium.

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FORMATION OF P-TYPE SEMI CONDUCTOR A P – type semiconductor is formed when a small amount of trivalent impurity is added to pure Germenium or silicon.

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A p -type semiconductor is one with a preponderance of holes; an n -type semiconductor has a preponderance of conduction electrons. The symbols p and n come from the sign of the charge of the particles: p ositive for holes and n egative for electrons.

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The P Type and N Type are two different types of semiconductors. The P Type carries a positive charge, while the N type carries a negative charge. The charges depend on the hole concentration and the electron concentration. The P type semiconductor has a larger hole concentration, which results in the positive charge.

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, Electrical Engineering. By Donor doping you can convert semiconductor into n-Type semiconductor. Example For Intrinsic Si, Element of the 5th group behave like donor elements (Phosphorous, Antimony and etc). IF If you can doped these element by diffusion or ion implantation into Si than Si will behave like n-type semiconductor.

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N-type semiconductor. The impurities are called dopants. The purpose of doing this is to make more charge carriers, or electron wires available in the material for conduction. In n-type semiconductors the number of electrons is more than the holes, so electrons are measured as majority charge carriers and holes are referred to as minority charge carriers.

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Conduction in n-type semiconductor. In n-type semiconductor, the population of free electrons is more whereas the population of holes is less. Hence in n-type semiconductor free electrons are called majority carriers and holes are called minority carriers. Therefore, in a n-type semiconductor conduction is mainly because of motion of free electrons.

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Semiconductor. When a doped semiconductor contains mostly free holes it is called ” p-type “, and when it contains mostly free electrons it is known as ” n-type “. The semiconductor materials used in electronic devices are doped under precise conditions to control the concentration and regions of p- and n-type …

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Extrinsic semiconductor. An extrinsic semiconductor which has been doped with electron acceptor atoms is called a p-type semiconductor, because the majority of charge carriers in …

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Extrinsic or Impure Semiconductor: N – Type Semiconductors: 0.045 eV Eg 0.74 ev o Ge o AS Gel . Donor level 1 When a semiconductor of Group IV (tetra valent) such as Si or Ge is doped with a penta valent impurity (Group V elements such as P, As or Sb), N type semiconductor is formed.


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P-type semiconductor 1 P-type semiconductor A P-type semiconductor (P for Positive) is obtained by carrying out a process of doping, that is adding a certain type of atoms to the semiconductor in order to increase the number of free charge carriers (in this case positive).

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