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The shaft is the primary structural element of the arrow, to which the other components are attached. Traditional arrow shafts are made from strong, lightweight wood, bamboo or reeds, while modern shafts may be made from aluminium, carbon fibre reinforced plastic, or a combination of materials.

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Parts of an Arrow. Arrows have four parts. Shaft: The long spine of the arrow. Modern arrow shafts are made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon. The arrow, regardless of shaft material, must have the correct stiffness to match the bow for optimal accuracy. Every arrow has a degree of stiffness called spine, which is its resistance to bending.

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The arrow shaft is the backbone to the arrow. It is long and cylindrical, and has a spot for all of the other parts to attach to. Most shafts are either made of wood, aluminum, or carbon. Wood is the most basic of the three materials, and are generally used by traditional and primitive-style archers.

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This is a basic description of the parts of a compound bow and the parts of a recurve bow.

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Parts of an arrow. Arrow point The point or tip of the arrow, the game species you will be hunting determines the kind of arrow point you select. Arrow shaft All other parts are attached to the arrow’s shaft; it’s the main structural component of the arrow. The stiffness of the shaft is called the spine.

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Jun 06, 2012 · Up next in Archery & Bow Hunting 101. The shaft of an arrow is usually made out of wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon. And some arrows are made out of a combination of carbon and aluminum. So there’s a lot of different materials that are used to make an arrow shaft. The point of the arrow …

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Made from aluminum, carbon or a combination of carbon and aluminum, the modern hunting arrow has came a long way from its wooden predecessor. Carbon is the popular choice among modern archers because of its straightness, durability, and weight to spine ratio.

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