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Jan 26, 2019 · If there are more OH- ions than H+ ions released by a substance, it is basic or alkaline and the pH will be greater than 7. For example, Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) donates 1 mole of OH- for every mole of NaOH. Also, the pH scale is an exponential scale, so a pH of 3 is 10 times more acidic than a pH …

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1 table spoon of molasses seemed to drop my tap water from 8.3-8.5 down to 7.5-7.8. I know when I added 2 tbl/gal of molasses that my ph was around 6.8-7.0.

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Oct 19, 2010 · Molasses Ph Problems and Ph question in general. Discussion in ‘Hydroponics’ started by Buzkill, Oct 18, 2010.

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Molasses in Baking r I know that using molasses in baked goods requires the addition of baking soda to the recipe, generally in the ratio of 1/2 tsp. baking soda per 1 c. of molasses.

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Feb 28, 2017 · Some have mostly sugars like fructose and sucrose, but there is blackstrap molasses, which actually has sugars and more! Blackstrap molasses, contains not just sugars, but also vitamin B6, some minerals, calcium, magnesium, and potassium [1] which could constitute for the acidity.

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Anyone use molasses and notice how much it lowers PH. Just added it to my nute solution and im having a hard time telling what the PH level is. Im using just a regular PH kit from the fish store, and since the molasses made the solution so dark its kinda hard to read.

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Aug 12, 2016 · More info: Baking soda and Molasses with raise Ph level in the body. Very cheap and affected way to raise Ph level above 7.0.


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C molasses (final molasses, blackstrap molasses, treacle) is the end by-product of the processing in the sugar factory. It still contains considerable amounts of sucrose (approximately 32 to 42%). C molasses does not crystallize and can be found in liquid or dried form as a commercial feed ingredient.

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4 gallons (15.2 liter) of water 1 cup (225 ml) of fine ground alfalfa meal 1 tablespoon (15 ml) blackstrap or sugar beet molasses. Allow this to sit for 24 hours, and then it is ready for application as a soil drench. As a foliar feed, recommend straining the mixture so there is nothing to clog the spray head.

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Molasses (American English) or black treacle (British English) is a viscous product resulting from refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar.Molasses varies by amount of sugar, method of extraction, and age of plant. Sugarcane molasses is primarily used for sweetening and flavoring foods in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.

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Because molasses is so viscous, we mixed 50 mL molasses with 50 mL distilled water, then measured its pH with a Vernier pH probe. Since it’s part of a hands-on lab at a children’s museum, the pH meter had taken quite a bit of use and probably abuse, and the pH measurements may be a bit off — distilled water measured at 6.6.

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