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Messaging system in php mysql. I created a simple messaging system on my website where new registered users can send message to one another. the following mysql statement works well on my site,but my problem is- when UserA sends a message to UserB, The message is shown to UserB in his Inbox, And The message is shown to UserA in his

Code sample

id message sentby sentto created1 Hi There UserA UserB 2015-01-262 Hello Back UserB UserA 2015-01-26See more on stackoverflowWas this helpful?Thanks! Give more feedback

Personal Message System in php mysql – pm system private

Keywords: personal message system php mysql users messages email pm system private personal connection form send messages member users members area message discussion internal message system site Hi, This script will lets you create a Personal Message System easily.

Simple Messaging System in PHP | Free Source Code & Tutorials

This is a simple messaging system in php. Easy to embed in your websites. Create database named ‘message’ and import pm.sql and user.sql.

PHP Messaging System [SOLVED] | DaniWeb

Here is the thing: PHP is a server technology.In a typical client-server type of architecture, messages are”pulled” rather than “pushed”. In other words the server …

kmessaging: MySQL based private messaging system – PHP Classes

This class implement a private messaging system that stores messages in a MySQL database. It can be used to exchange private messages between users of a site. The class provides means to: – Send a message. – Get the title, body, sender and receiver a of a message. – Mark a message as read. – Retrieve all message from or to a given user.

Private / Group Messaging System Version 7.0

Private / Group Messaging System Version 7.0. 24) Language Translation: There is an option on the site to help users easily change the default English language on the site to their desired languages. The system comprises of the following languages: PHP, JavaScript (Jquery / …

Facebook like messaging system with php jQuery and MySql

Facebook like messaging system with php. MySql. First we have to make 1 database with name `fb_p_msg` and 3 table `user`, `conversation` and `message`. `user` table. `conversation` table. `messages` table. in the `messages` table we will be storing messages. messages table will have 5 fields id,conversation_id,user_from,user_to,message.

30+ Best PHP Live Chat and Message Systems | WPULTI

Today, we’re sharing clean and modern look 30+ Best PHP Live Chat and Message Systems. These PHP live chat systems will allow you to communicate instantly with your site’s users. Choose the best PHP live chat and messaging system for your website.

Private Message System | Free Source Code & Tutorials

This is a private messaging system where you can send message to any members who have an account of this site and receiver can reply to those messages. Simple but …

Facebook Style Messaging System Database Design.

This post explains you how to design the Facebook Style message conversation system using PHP and MySQL. I have been working with messaging system at, take a quick look at this post, how I have implemented database design tables and SQL queries. Login at and try this live demo.

How to Add a private messaging system – PHP :: WonderHowTo

Allow for your community to grow and expand by adding in a private messaging system to your website. Even if you’re not experienced with PHP or MySQL, this tutorial walks you through the process of setting up the messaging system.

Simple Private Message System by staticmaker | CodeCanyon

PMS is a very simple php private messaging system, which can be used for communication. It can be integrated into your existing application. Using PMS to enhance your application, it enables users on your site to send private messages to each other, which will greatly increase the sociability of your site.


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