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Maggie Smith, Actress: Gosford Park. One of the world’s most famous and distinguished actresses, Dame Maggie Smith was born Margaret Natalie Smith in Essex. Her …

Born: Dec 28, 1934

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Professor McGonagall : Nothing, I repeat, nothing gives a student the right to walk about the school at night. Therefore, as punishment for your actions, 50 points will be taken. Therefore, as punishment for your actions, 50 points will be taken.

Young Minerva McGonagall Will Appear in Fantastic Beasts

McGonagall’s appearance is welcome, albeit anachronistic. According to the books, Professor McGonagall was born in 1935, while Fantastic Beasts takes place in the late 1920’s.

Professor McGonagall Will Appear In ‘Fantastic Beasts 2

This younger version of Minerva McGonagall will be played by Fiona Glascott, an Irish actress known for her roles in 2015’s Brooklyn and 2002’s Resident Evil.

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Minerva McGonagall. Minerva McGonagall is deputy Headmistress, head of Gryffindor House, Transfiguration professor, and later Headmistress at Hogwarts, where she began teaching in December 1956. She is first introduced in the opening chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, when she meets Dumbledore at Number 4 Privet Drive,

The staff and their  ·

Fantastic Beasts: Professor McGonagall Breaks Harry Potter

The casting of Fiona Glascott as the young Professor McGonagall in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald has broken Harry Potter canon. According to Harry Potter lore, McGonagall shouldn’t have even been born in 1927, when Fantastic Beasts 2 is set.

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Professor/Headmistress Minerva McGonagall, O.M. (First Class), was a half-blood witch, the only daughter of Muggle Robert McGonagall and witch Isobel Ross. She had two younger brothers, Malcolm and Robert Jr. Minerva was a registered Animagus who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and

Dame Maggie Smith reveals Harry Potter breast cancer

Oct 05, 2009 · Dame Maggie Smith has revealed that she is considering giving up theatre acting after a gruelling struggle with breast cancer during the filming of the latest Harry Potter movie. Actress Dame Maggie Smith is ‘considering giving up theatre acting’ after struggle to film Harry Potter during breast cancer treatment Photo: WARNER BROTHERS ENTERTAINMENT.

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How is Professor McGonagall in Crimes of Grindelwald

Why would a 35-year-old actress be chosen to portray a 19-20-year-old woman? If the casting was intentionally accurate for her age, then Professor McGonagall would have used the Time-Turner c1970 when she was 35. Following this reasoning, what was happening in the wizarding world in the early 1970s? It was a tumultuous time.

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