saint jerome in the desert

St. Jerome in the Desert – by Leonardo da Vinci

St. Jerome in the Desert is a wonderful pictorial presentation of the artist’s emotional turmoil during that period. It is also notable for how well it demonstrates Leonardo’s anatomical knowledge. The saint’s muscles and bones are covered with a thin layer of flesh, …

Saint Jerome in the Desert | Louvre Museum | Paris

Saint Jerome. He then retired into the desert in Syria to pay penitence and to live as a hermit. Upon returning to Rome in 382, he was commissioned by Pope Damasus to translate the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek into Latin (the Vulgate). The translation was completed in Palestine, where the saint retired after the death of the pope.

Saint Jerome doing penitence in the desert | Louvre Museum

A work inspired by northern European art. Saint Jerome lived as a hermit in the Syrian desert for a number of years, leading an austere life and spending his days – and nights – praying against hunger and thirst. He is shown sitting in the middle of a vast landscape. He has a long white beard and is holding a cross in one hand and a stone in

St. Jerome in the Desert (Bellini, Florence) – Wikipedia

St. Jerome in the Desert (Bellini, Florence) The marked the start of a new conception of landscape painting, connected to the predella of the Pesaro Altarpiece or the New York St. Francis in Ecstasy, whose figures and background are lighter and whose atmosphere is freer than previous works.

Artist: Giovanni Bellini

Saint Jerome in the Desert | Michael Field

Cosimo Tura. The National Gallery SAINT JEROME kneels within the wilderness ; Along the cavern’s sandy channels press The flowings of deep water.

Saint Jerome in the Desert – Zoppo, Marco | Museo Nacional

Since it was first mentioned in the literature, Saint Jerome in the Desert has been considered an autograph work. Pallucchini dated it to around 1471 and suggested that it was one of the panels in the predella of the painting now in Berlin, painted for the church in Pesaro.

St. Jerome in the Desert |

St. Jerome in the Desert. Agony in the Garden Blood of the Redeemer Christ Blessing Crucifixion Dead Christ Supported by Mary and Saint John Evangelista Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels Doge Leonardo Loredan Feast of the Gods Frari Triptych Madonna and Child Madonna of the Meadow Madonna with Child Naked Young Woman in Front of the

St. Jerome in the Desert, c.1480 – Giovanni Bellini

St. Jerome in the Desert, 1480 by Giovanni Bellini. Early Renaissance. religious painting. Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

Artist: Giovanni Bellini

Saint Jerome – Franciscan Media

Saint Jerome’s Story. After these preparatory studies, he traveled extensively in Palestine, marking each spot of Christ’s life with an outpouring of devotion. Mystic that he was, he spent five years in the desert of Chalcis so that he might give himself up to prayer, penance, and …

Jerome – Wikipedia

St. Jerome reading in the countryside, by Giovanni Bellini. Seized with a desire for a life of ascetic penance, he went for a time to the desert of Chalcis, to the southeast of Antioch, known as the “Syrian Thebaid”, from the number of hermits inhabiting it.

Attributes: lion, cardinal attire, cross, skull, trumpet, owl, books and writing material

St. Jerome in the Desert, c.1520 – Joachim Patinir

St. Jerome in the Desert, 1520 by Joachim Patinir. Northern Renaissance. religious painting. Louvre, Paris, France

Artist: Joachim Patinir

Jerome in the desert –

Saint Jerome in the Renaissance Eugene F. Rice—–Jerome (The Early Church Fathers) Stefan Rebenich—– Letter XXII. To Eustochium. 7. How often, when I was living in the desert, in the vast solitude which gives to hermits a savage dwelling-place, parched by a burning sun, how often did I fancy myself among the pleasures of Rome!

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