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A Note on the Acceleration of the Fast Solar Wind

In principle, the speed of the solar wind in the acceleration region can be inferred by indirect methods such as radio scattering, but this is not straightforward as these data provide a measure of the wind properties integrated along the lines of sight.

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The Heating & Acceleration of the Solar Wind

• solar wind: inward propagating waves generated by reflection of long- wavelength (≿ density scale-height) outward propagating waves. • weak turbulence: non-linear (cascade) timescale >> linear wave period. • strong turbulence: non-linear (cascade) timescale ~ linear wave period. e.g., Kraichnan 1965 e.g., Matthaeus et al.


Kinetic evolution and acceleration of the solar wind

3190 TAM AND CHANG: SOLAR WIND ACCELERATION AND KINETIC EVOLUTION + quadrupole + current sheet model for the interplanetary magnetic eld [Banaszkiewicz et al., 1998]: B(r) ˘ 2 (r=R )3 + 4:5 (r=R )5 + 1 1:538(r=R +1:538)2; (3) withB=3:1 10−5 Gaussat1AU.Wehavealsomadesome assumptions about the magnetic eld wave spectra. First, note that Eq.


Understanding coronal heating and solar wind acceleration

wind, has remained a major focus of solar and heliospheric physics research for the past half century. [6] Although the twin mysteries of coronal heating and solar wind acceleration remain unsolved, remote-sensing observations from space-based platforms such as Yohkoh [Ogawara et al., 1991], Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

Published in: Reviews of Geophysics · 2007Authors: D J Mccomas · Marco Velli · Marco Velli · W S Lewis · L W Acton · M BalatpichelinAffiliation: Southwest Research Institute · University of Florence · Jet Propulsion Laboratory · Mo…About: Solar wind · Magnetic field · Coronal hole · Solar physics


is vital for the acceleration of the solar wind. With new theoretical descriptions of the solar atmosphere and corona, and the increased observational possibilities provided by the SOHO spacecraft, it is possible to conduct an integrated study of the solar atmosphere and …

On the Exospheric Approach for the Solar Wind Acceleration

ON THE EXOSPHERIC APPROACH FOR THE SOLAR WIND ACCELERATION MILAN MAKSIMOVIC1, VIVIANE PIERRARD2 and JOSEPH LEMAIRE2 1 DESPA, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France 2 Institut d’Aéronomie Spatiale de Belgique, Brussels, Belgium Abstract.


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Solar Wind Acceleration ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ASTRONOMY AND STROPHYSICS sound speed is not yet known, partly because we are not sure of the flow speeds in the inner corona, but also because we do not know the particle temperatures (sound

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