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Definition of space station. : a large artificial satellite designed to be occupied for long periods and to serve as a base (as for scientific observation) — called also space platform. See space station defined for English-language learners. See space station defined for kids.

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space station – a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research. space laboratory, space platform. artificial satellite, orbiter, satellite – man-made equipment that orbits around the earth or the moon.

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The space station will be a permanent habitat at which scientific and technological work can be carried out. Building a space station is considered the next step in the development and exploration of space, although there is controversy concerning its cost and the value of …

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A space station is a place built for astronauts to live and work in, which is sent into space and then keeps going around the earth. American English: space station. Brazilian Portuguese: estação espacial. Chinese: 太空站. European Spanish: estación espacial. French: station …

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space station. n any large manned artificial satellite designed to orbit the earth during a long period of time thus providing a base for scientific and medical research in space and a construction site, launch pad, and docking arrangements for spacecraft, (Also called) space platform, space laboratory. space. n.

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The definition of a space station is a research facility in space. Facts About Space Station. The International Space Station project was launched in 1998 as a joint project among the United States, Russia, Canada, Japan, and the European Space Agency.

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Examples of “space station”. The space station project will entail major advances in technology and in the way in which we operate in space. The second new element is a permanent space station with facilities for a wide variety of uses, ultimately extending to industrial-type production operations.

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