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Pricing for Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud

Splunk offers volume pricing discounts—the more you ingest, the less you pay. With this pricing model, you pay once to index the data and can perform unlimited searches against that data, as well as store it for as long as you like.

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Splunk is free to download and use if your daily indexing volume is less than 500MB. The enterprise license starts at $6,000 for a 500MB/day perpetual license or $2,000/year for a term license. Its a tiered license . Bigger the license cheaper it is.

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You can buy any index volume from 1 GB/day to multiple terabytes of data per day. Splunk Enterprise pricing has built-in volume discounts. For example, the unit price per GB decreases by 67% as total daily index volume grows from 1GB/day to 100 GB/day.

Splunk Light Vs. Alternatives: Cost, Functionality Compared

Splunk Light Vs. Alternatives: Cost, Functionality Compared. So it’s the age-old question of weighing capabilities, or lack thereof, against costs. You can buy term-licensed Splunk Light starting at 1 GB-per-day capacity at $75 per month (with a one-year commitment and no additional support fees).

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Splunk does offer volume discounts, but even on an annual license model for Splunk Enterprise, the cost to index 100GB per day would be $69k. If you’re looking at a Splunk perpetual license, the cost would be $207k, plus additional support costs.

Splunk Sizing

Estimate the amount of data based on a number of events per second – this calculates based on a typical event size. The more data you send to Splunk Enterprise, the more time Splunk needs to index it into results that you can search, report and generate alerts on. Estimate the average …

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Splunk Pricing Example Calculation. A 15 GB license is considered a very small license; customers that are using Splunk for security or log analytics often have licenses in the range of terabytes per day. Splunk’s website lists a price of $1,150 per GB for a yearly 15 GB license including maintenance.

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Accepted Answer. Ok, so let’s start that you are ingesting 300 GB/day. As Splunk compresses the raw data that it stores, what that page is saying is that an ingestion of 300 GB/day of logs could be stored on disk at a rate of 150 GB/day or so.

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Sizing, performance, and cost considerations for the Splunk Add-on for AWS. Before you configure this add-on, review these sizing, performance, and cost considerations.

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This of course makes its pricing structure a challenge for smaller organizations — at the time of this writing, Splunk Enterprise’s perpetual license starts at $4500 per GB at a 1GB/ day data volume limit, $2500 per GB at a 10GB/day limit, and $1500 per GB for a 100GB/day limit.

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Jan 27, 2017 · One user who left a review of Splunk on Capterra said that the cost per user is too expensive. He added that it is only recommended for organizations with a large budget. Enterprise and Cloud ($0-$150+/ingested GB/month), Splunk for IT Operations ($7/additional stored GB-$57+/ingested GB/month), and Splunk for Security ($11+/monitored


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