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Theme Hospital is still one of my classic games of all time – along with Rise of Nations, Call of Duty 1, 2 & 4 (Didn’t buy CoD3 since didn’t have a good enough spec PC & or a games console). The manufacturers should’ve made a sequel to Theme Hospital – …

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Theme Hospital is 1997’s popular Business Simulation by Bullfrog Entertainment. The game tasks the players to design, construct and operate a Hospital. Because of being a thematic successor to another great business simulation of that time “Theme Park,” Theme Hospital was a favorite of masses, and it sold over four million copies worldwide.

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One time fee for use on downloads on up to 5 activated PSP® systems and 5 activated PS3 systems. Theme Hospital is rated 3.0 out of 5 by 2 . y_2019, m_1, d_21, h_20


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Mar 26, 1997 · Theme Hospital. About First Released March 26, 1997 Platforms pc, ps, ps3, psp Genre Simulation, Strategy Summary Real-time management/strategy game from the same stable as the successful game

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Theme Hospital. From the days of the PS one, this downloadable game allows you to play the classic original on your PSP handheld system or PS3 home console. Running a hospital is no easy task, and as an administrator you’re well aware of this. Theme Hospital – PlayStation: Video Games

Theme Hospital – PlayStation A few months ago I discovered it offered as a download for the PS3 as a classic Play Station game and I found the Play Station version is exactly like the original PC game from years ago. You begin the game with a small empty hospital in need of staff, rooms and patients.


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Prison Architect – 2015. Review 81 Score. Mac Windows One PS4. Build and Manage A Maximum …

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Theme Hospital (PSOne Classic) Sony Interactive Entertainment PS one Classic Released Aug 31, 2010. 580 Ratings Connect your PSP® system to your PS3™ system with a USB cable and switch your PSP® system to USB Mode. Highlight the game on the PS3™ XMB™, press the Δ …

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Theme Hospital is at heart a god-game in the vein of SimCity or Populous. Sega’s New Game, Two Point Hospital, Is A Spiritual Successor To Theme Hospital Two Point Hospital …

Developers: Bullfrog Productions, Krisalis Software

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The PlayStation version of Theme Hospital has also been released on the PlayStation Network to download and play on the PlayStation 3 and the PSP. Building. Building rooms in Theme Hospital is very simple, all you have to do is navigate through a simple menu to find the room you need.

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22 Games Like Theme Hospital. Our assembled list of games like Theme Hospital has other business simulation games with plenty of depth and touches of humour in their gameplay. Theme Hospital is one of the classic experiences in gaming and came from the popular game developer, Bullfrog Productions.

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Mar 31, 1998 · 3.2 Common Q&A 3.3 EA Tech support 4 Useful info 4.1 Web sites 4.2 Contact Info 4.3 Credits 0.1 About this FAQ ===== First the boring stuff: This FAQ should NOT be used instead of the Theme Hospital manual.

Operating System: PS, PC

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Apr 15, 1998 · Theme Hospital is full of this kind of humor and choice, which makes it different each time you play. PSP PS PC PS3. Good . 15 Apr 1998. 7.0 . i …

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