to meet your expectations

Meet your expectations – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

meet (someone’s) expectations To be as good as or have the qualities that someone predicted, expected, or hoped for. We’d heard so many good things about the new restaurant, but the food didn’t meet our expectations at all.

What does ‘Meet your expectations’ mean? – Idiom

If something doesn’t meet your expectations, it means that it wasn’t as good as you had thought it was going to be; a disappointment.

How to Meet and Exceed Expectations On Time, Every Time

To master expectations, understand them. Business: A customer or boss expects you to accomplish something by a specific time, or at a specific level of quality. For example, you must meet a sales quota by the end of the quarter to satisfy your boss’s expectations. Your own mind: You expect something of yourself by a specific time.

hope to meet your expectations | English examples in

Sentence examples similar to hope to meet your expectations from inspiring English sources. results 50 similar. 1 “To hire people, not tell them the rules and expect them to meet your expectations is ludicrous, but that happens every day in people’s homes”. The New York Times. 2.

Do You Struggle To Meet Your Expectations? – MentorLoft

Let me meet your expectations with these tips Kyle Eschenroeder starts off his blog on 21 tips for imposter syndrome with this: “I’m a fraud and everyone is about to find out.

50 Meet expectations Synonyms and 1 Meet expectations

Meet expectations synonyms and Meet expectations antonyms. Top synonym for meet expectations (another word for meet expectations) is live up to the expectations.

The Truth About Relationship Expectations

The Truth About Relationship Expectations. Larry James. When duty does not meet our needs, it is something to be avoided. For example, if there are children in the relationship you have a responsibility to take care of them. When it feels like duty, you have a responsibility to take care of your need to not have it feel like duty.

How to Answer Interview Questions About Job Expectations

Employers want to know about your past expectations to see if what you expected from your last employer was reasonable, how well the role worked out for you, and if your expectations match the job responsibilities for the new position.

Expectations Quotes – BrainyQuote

Performance, Meet, Level, Your, Raise I think there comes a time when you start dropping expectations. Because the world doesn’t owe you anything, …

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