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• PREHENSILE (adjective) The adjective PREHENSILE has 3 senses: 1. adapted for grasping especially by wrapping around an object. 2. having a keen intellect. 3. immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth. Familiarity information: PREHENSILE used as an adjective is uncommon.

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Editors Contribution(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: prehensile. Able to adapt and grasp or hold. An animal’s limb or tail that has adapted to be able to grasp or hold is prehensile.

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Recent Examples of prehensile from the Web. The partially prehensile proboscis helps the species probe the ground for leaves and fallen fruit. The cuscus hangs on by its fingertips—or its curling, prehensile tail. In a woodblock, once In an early-Netherlandish world, He is shown with a crocodile, a unicorn, and a wobbly man With a tail

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Prehensile definition, adapted for seizing, grasping, or taking hold of something: a prehensile tail. See more.

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Nocturnal and arboreal, they clamber up trees and hang from limbs thanks to long prehensile tails and opposable inside toes on their hind feet. Like a monstrous octopus, poverty spreads its nagging, prehensile tentacles into hamlets and villages all over our world.

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Define prehensile. prehensile synonyms, prehensile pronunciation, prehensile translation, English dictionary definition of prehensile. adj. 1. Able to seize, grasp, or hold, especially by wrapping around an object: a monkey’s prehensile tail.

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What does prehensile mean in Urban Dictionary?: the capacity to grab things; the capability to grab an object; as soon as regularly explain an object that grasps like a tail, this can be now made use…

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Prehensile means they have control over it, a spider monkey has a prehensile tail and can use it to cling to branches and things. Prehensile appendages are usually used like w … e would use our fingers.

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The genesis of this research came from the efforts of Sperber to “explain why evolution did not make the manifold flaws in reasoning go the way of the prehensile tail and the four-legged stride” (Cohen, 2011, p.

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Prehensile tail. If the tail cannot be used for this it is considered only partially prehensile – such tails are often used to anchor an animal’s body to dangle from a branch, or as an aid for climbing. The term prehensile means “able to grasp” (from the Latin prehendere, to take hold of, to grasp).

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Prehensile is an adjective that comes from a French word for “grasped.” Humans and other primates (like monkeys, lemurs, and gorillas) have prehensile hands with curling fingers for grasping — a definite advantage over dogs, for instance, who can’t use a pencil when poetic inspiration strikes them.

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