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The dress code for boxing matches varies based on the scale of the event and the location of the tickets. Front row seats for a title fight typically draw very formal dress while a local youth event is often semi-formal or casual. Dress for the competitors is consistent on most levels with a standard uniform.

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Jun 23, 2009 · hey dont worry about what other people wear or what you should wear, its a boxing show, not a club, wear something that will make your partner …

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Sep 24, 2008 · I have been to 3 boxing matches in Vegas, will be attending my 4th in November. Sue anything goes, dress up or dress down. I have worn cutoffs and tshirt to a silk dress, depends on whats happening after the fight and if I have time to go back to my hotel and change for a night out.

Boxing match at the 02 arena – no idea what to wear?

DH has just got free tickets to a high profile boxing match at the 02 arena – he’s really excited about it. but it means a weekend in London, so I’ll get chance to see some fab shops! But what on earth do I wear? Do people get dressed up for boxing? I’m hoping …

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Aug 29, 2008 · Otherwise, wear something a bit daring, and glam it up a liuttle but no ball gown required, KWIM? Say, skinny jeans that make you feel sexy, a slinky top, smooth, blown out hair and a little statement jewelry. Or be a little creative and wear some gold …

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A boxing event can be either a glamorous place to be seen by the in crowd or it can be a way to enjoy a night out with friends. But when there are different events within an event, you can draw attention to yourself for the wrong reasons by dressing improperly.

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