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Inventing Play-Doh: Noah and Joseph McVicker

The inventor originally intended Play-Doh to be a wallpaper cleaner. If you were a kid growing up any time between the mid-1950s and today, you probably know what Play-Doh is. You can most likely even conjure the bright colors and distinctive smell right from memory. It sure is an odd substance, and that’s probably because it was originally invented by Noah McVicker as a compound to clean wallpaper.

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Have You Ever Wondered Today, Play-Doh ® is owned by a company named Hasbro that continues to make and sell the product through its Playskool line. In 2003, the Toy Industry Association added Play-Doh ® to its “Century of Toys List,” which contains the 100 …

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Company: Kutol (1955), Rainbow Crafts (1956–1970), Kenner (1970–1991), Hasbro (1991–present)

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Who Invented Play Doh. It was originally produced as a wall paper cleaner in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States during the 1930’s. Children started to use it as a modeling compound, leading the creators to improve the formula and take it to the first Cincinnati School during the mid 1950’s.

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Play-Doh was originally designed as a wallpaper cleaner. Hasbro also states that the formula for the original Play-Doh compound still remains a trade secret. Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker were granted their patent ten years (1965) after Play-Doh was first introduced. The first Play-Doh Compound came only in an off-white,

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9 Things Invented or Discovered by Accident. Play-Doh was accidentally invented in 1955 by Joseph and Noah McVicker while trying to make a wallpaper cleaner. It was marketed a year later by toy manufacturer Rainbow Crafts. More than 700 million pounds of Play-Doh have sold since then, but the recipe remains a secret.

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Joseph McVicker invented play-doh in 1956 from an idea he got from wallpaper cleaner.

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A: “Play-Doh” was first invented by Noah McVicker. He was trying to make a wallpaper cleaner that could remove coal residue from walls easily. His nephew Joe discovered that the product was being used by a school to craft Christmas ornaments. By 1956, Joe had named the toy “Play-Doh” and it was being sold in places like Macy’s.

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Play-Doh was invented by Noah and Joseph McVicker in 1956.

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AT A GLANCE: Play-Doh ® Brand Modeling Compound, a non-toxic reusable modeling compound developed by Noah W. McVicker and Joseph S. McVicker and introduced by Rainbow Crafts of Cincinnati in 1956. Play-Doh Compound was available only in one color and size, an off-white, 1 ½ pound can.

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Play-Doh was Originally Wallpaper Cleaner. It was Play-Doh from the beginning. Play-Doh was purchased from General Mills by the Tonka Corporation and later bought by Hasbro, who still owns it today. Hasbro says that Play-Doh is primarily made of wheat flour, salt, and water. Other ingredients include preservatives,

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