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Onkgopotse Mokotedi started this petition to president of south Africa and. Let the youth of our county be heard…. #FEESMUSTFALL #NATIONALSHUTDOWN. “The police force and army shall be open to all on an equal basis and shall be the helpers and protectors of the people…. The Doors of Learning and Culture Shall be Opened!

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Nov 07, 2018 · Put the petition title on top of the form. Then, use a spreadsheet or word processor to create signature and demographic lines. Depending on your cause and the requirements for a petition in your area, you may want to include email addresses, phone numbers, and …


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WRITE A PETITION Writing a petition is not as difficult as you might suspect. Save yourself time by following the regulations set forth by your local government. 1. Contact the administrative office of your local government. 2. Verify that your cause for petition falls under its jurisdiction. You might need to petition on a county or state level.

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How to Write Petition Letter. To begin with a Petition letter is composed of two essential elements – The content (issue, problem etc.) and the list of signatures (supporting individuals). The other thing to keep in mind is the format which includes the essentials of any formal letter like – …

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How to Write an Effective Online Petition. The Internet has developed into a great platform to share ideas, learn about, and rally around causes. These step-by-step instructions offer guidance for how to write the best petition possible. Take your time, and then get ready, and spring into action. Dear Minister Bheki Cele, We the

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You can write letter in your own format, You do not need any Letter format because it’s about your problem and grievances not about style of writing. Once you have written letter then you can either send by post to Prime Minister Office or hand it over directly to PMO Dak Counter. You can also send it by Fax Number. 1. Prime Minister Office, South Block, New Delhi, Pin – 110011, 2. PMO Dak Counter at …

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Example of written petition to the minister of education complaining about tertiary fees. Hi how do i write a letter to the ministry of education about a tertiary establishment who declined my application without giving me a reason which leads me to think it was a personal issue. I have already written a formal letter of complaint to the

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